Benny & Black Velvet Dance Band

Enjoy some Goldie Oldies

Please play both LP's & I am sure you will find a few songs you may like, especially the Caribbean Cocktail. Please put your sound system on and enjoy!!

Side 1

 On the road with Black Velvet

Six days on the road

Wasted days and wasted nights

One way ticket

Country medley

I will survive


On the road with Black Velvet

Side 2

Then he kissed me

Rock n' Roll Medley

Before the next teardrop falls

Where the music takes me

Brown girl in the ring

Beautiful body


Black Velvet - Cruising


Side 1

Canberra song

Country medley

Right by your side

Tonight I celebrate my love

Take me back boy (Soca)

Sugar bum bum (Soca)


Black Velvet - Cruising


Side 2

Caribbean cocktail

Stuck on you

What a feeling

Golden sounds - instrumentals

Nashville medley

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Benny's Sweet Musical Memories

Cruising on P&O Luxury Cruise Liners

& Yearly Events on the Isle of Man.

Below 12 Black Velvet tracks recorded for a 

Cassette released on one of our Caribbean cruises.

Please note you have to click on each track to play

 the tunes. Enjoy the Happy party beat.

Canberra Song

Soca Medley

One Love

I Can See Clearly Now

Wooley Bully

Best Years Of Our Lives

Stir It Up

Dream Lover

Another Saturday

Ola Hermosa

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Happy Cruising video clips.

Focus on Cruising & Isle of Man with over

50 more videos to follow.

 Benny & Black Velvet Entertain on 
The Isle of Man.MP4
Benny & Black Velvet Entertain on The Isle of Man.MP4  
Benny & Black Velvet - SS Canberra Part 1. 
Benny & Black Velvet - SS Canberra Part 1.MP4  
Benny and Black Velvet on 
SS Canberra Open Deck Part 2
Benny and Black Velvet on SS Canberra Open Deck Part 2  

Video  Isle of Man - PART 3 NEW.mp4 is now ready to watch.
Click on the picture or on the link below to view.
Isle of Man - PART 3 NEW.mp4  

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Winston & Lynn's Wedding - Dancing time.
Full Wedding Celebration 1 hour & 10 mins long will follow soon.
Winston Lynn's Wedding - shorter  
Benny & Betty Zanzibar 2004. 
First holiday on our Paradise Island.

Benny & Betty Zanzibar 2004  

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